$ brew --cache

显示的是 /Library/Caches/Homebrew ,这是 brew 下载安装包的存放位置。



删除 【系统偏好设置】->【通知】左侧的栏目


# 打开终端输入
cd `getconf DARWIN_USER_DIR`
rm -rf
killall usernoted; killall NotificationCenter

# 删除下面目录内所有文件.(可能没有)
~/Library/Application Support/NotificationCenter

# 重启电脑 (可能不需要)

Fix Google Chrome Update Failed (error 11) Issue on Mac OSX

If you’ve tried to update your Google Chrome and the update failed because of the error 11 issue, Then here’s a simple and easy solution that’ll let you update your Google Chrome again and fix the issue once & for all.

First try fixing with the following instructions on this page:

If it fails, try below:

  1. Close Google Chrome.
  2. Open Terminal window and fire the following command:
    $ sudo rm -rf /Library/Google && sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Google
  3. Open Google Chrome and It’ll show a yellow bar on top which would have a button to turn on the automatic updates, press that and it’ll ask for password to enter, once you’re done with that. You can now go to the about page of the browser and it’ll automatically start the update process.

What this does is, It simply removes all the Google Software Updater files which due to whatever reasons could’ve gotten corrupt or having issues with the automatic updater.


defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES && killall Dock


defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO && killall Dock

重置 Launchpad

defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool true; killall Dock

重置会恢复 Launchpad 至出厂设置(苹果自家应用在第一页)


# 备份
cp ~/Library/Preferences/ ~/Library/Preferences/
# 在终端执行指令打开文件进行编辑(Xcode打开)
open ~/Library/Preferences/

AppleEnabledInputSources 项中找到系统自带输入法的节点,删除之。 重启Mac即可。

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